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This morning

So I took a uniform pair of pants and shirt down to de wrinkle it a tad in the dryer so I could cheat on the ironing a tad and low and behold what do I see another flat tire. The one that gets changed tomarrow at 10:30. I think it is just giving me a hint. I think it is just dry rott from sitting so long in the garage. after that two more tires the one is going to become the spare so that I can have a regular tire the donut sucks ass. the other is the last of the old tires we got in charleston. So now I have to leave a tad bit earlier due to the donut being on. le sigh. I just cant win lmao. That is really small peas as gram would say. In other news the new pill really knocks me for a loop at times but then it passes and then it comes back but over all I feel a tad bit more like myself. Things kinda seem like "oh ok thats cool" vice "WTF" which is way more like me but that is hit and miss as well.
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