gentlepet (gentlepet) wrote,

I wonder if you actually read this. I wonder about alot of things like do you loves me and want me. Do you miss me at all like I do you. I am sure these answers will come sometime just sometimes one wants/needs to know. Not because of some insecure reason but rather it is just nice to know when you want to be loved by the person your head over heals about. Because I sure the hell do love you as much as I say I do. Oh yeah going to go see if I can find food else where raviolies isnt cutting it didn't wanna message and wake you up. I just need you to know how much I really care and love you. I dont think I am going to do much in eq it just isnt the same without you I think I will just eat and go to bed. I miss you here I really do I miss both of you about me. Those sweet eyes looking out at me but I do understand your doing what you need to do for you.
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