gentlepet (gentlepet) wrote,


What I need for the shop

Work bench at least 6-8 feet long 36-48" wide with vise and dogs "can make"

Atleast a shop smith because it is multi purpose and movable and an all in one machine "think Transformer" it has the drill press, table saw, disc sander, Lathe Joiner and planer



Drill Press

Band Saw

vacuum system

Plunge router base for my router

various sized draw knives small ones and bowl knife I have large ones

Bench grinder

chisle set

Chisling hammer

Hand Saw

Coping Saw

New dremal cause mine is missing

Dove tail jig for router

Lvl's various sizes "Missing"

T-Square "Missing"

Drill bit set "Missing"

Router Bit set "Missing"

Alot of this I can get at that discount place up by gilchrists old place.

Thats it for now till I go through more stuff I will update this list as needed
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