It is 22 degrees outside it is 42 degrees in my house you have heat I dont why couldnt I sleep on your love seat and go home when you left in the morning?

fuck you all well not you Master






These go out to all you people I ran from many years ago and I let flood back in. You false pieces of shit, mind fucking idiots get the fuck off the planet I am back I have balls, I have a life, I am a good person now, I am healed, I am bigger , better and stronger and ya people dont want to be a part of it buh bye.

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Well not alot to wright about been kind of an odd week. It was nice to wake up to you 3 feet from me the other night on my friday. Counseling was ok I guess. You have been very elusive the past few days but thats cool its what you need to do for you I guess. I would hope you would offer the same respect when you ask me something as I do you now that we have gotten over that hump about telling things to each other but hey as Harrison said the double standards are an issue and need to stop it is more distructive than helpful.

This morning

So I took a uniform pair of pants and shirt down to de wrinkle it a tad in the dryer so I could cheat on the ironing a tad and low and behold what do I see another flat tire. The one that gets changed tomarrow at 10:30. I think it is just giving me a hint. I think it is just dry rott from sitting so long in the garage. after that two more tires the one is going to become the spare so that I can have a regular tire the donut sucks ass. the other is the last of the old tires we got in charleston. So now I have to leave a tad bit earlier due to the donut being on. le sigh. I just cant win lmao. That is really small peas as gram would say. In other news the new pill really knocks me for a loop at times but then it passes and then it comes back but over all I feel a tad bit more like myself. Things kinda seem like "oh ok thats cool" vice "WTF" which is way more like me but that is hit and miss as well.
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what do I want

What do I want in life I have given this great thought for two weeks now and it is time to put it to words. I want you my pretty girl at my side I want my two children about me, I want a home I can call my own with a yard to mow, I want to be a SGT and I want to be on the HNT team.
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A quote from one of my fav movies "I was thinking and that is something a man should not do"
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